Join Guam ACTE!

Join Guam ACTE!

Become a member of the Guam ACTE, recognized as the local organization of professionals committed to preparing secondary, postsecondary and adult students with technical, academic and employability skills for success in the workplace and in further education. Its mission is to: 

Promote and support Career and Technical Education (CTE) in Guam and the region.


To achieve this objective, the Guam ACTE is committed to:

  • Raise awareness, promote advocacy
  • Foster local research agenda
  • Provide technical assistance
  • Engage in networking activities
  • Assist in policy development
  • Be a resource clearinghouse.


All Directors, Officers and members aim to help:

  • Develop high professional standards among membership
  • Promote regional concept through cooperation among regional island nations and affiliates
  • Provide affiliated associations a direct vehicle for input into the National ACTE
  • Engage in all things necessary or proper in connection with or incidental to the foregoing purposes.


On-going Activities:

  • Participation in Annual ACTE Career Tech VISION National ACTE Conferences
  • Facilitation of “Career Day for Teachers” – Connecting Industry to Teachers 2019 Activities
  • Professional Development opportunities – Merienda Learning Series (Continuing Education)
  • Resource Sharing
  • Networking


Ask one of our members to learn more about Guam ACTE Contact us at 727-2665, 482-4016, or 797-1966 Join Guam ACTE by first registering at